Luxury interior design is all about balance. Balancing the furniture in the room, balancing classic with modern styles, balancing restraint with opulence. Statement pieces in interior design give the room a focal point, but need to harmonize with all of the other pieces in the room. It’s also important that these statement pieces find their place between traditional and trendy so the whole room feels current but won’t go out of style.

Ann Holden Design uses statement pieces sparingly, thoughtfully placed in each room to give the perfect effect without overwhelming the space.

We have nine examples of gorgeous statement pieces balanced throughout Ann Holden Designed rooms. From the perfect photograph to just the right textiles, these statement pieces add character to every room.


1. Standout Light Fixture

Finding the right lighting makes a surprising difference in a room. Classic lamps bring warmth to a library, chandeliers adorn chic dining rooms, and one of our favorite designers, Lindsey Adelman, makes lighting a work of art with unique, organic styled fixtures. The Branching Collection is featured in this livingroom, adding playfulness and light to a calming, dark grey room. The grey tint to the shades mimics the grey walls and the gold hardware picks up on the other gold touches from the pillows and chair.


2.  Panorama Wallpaper

Wallpaper is so often designed with delicate, repetitive patterns, intended to be glossed over in the background of the room. French design house Zuber, established in 1797, creates wallpaper patterns that are nothing short of works of art. The historic designs showcase a continuous panoramic scene around the whole room. Seen in the dining room in a stunning grey and white rendition of an Italian landscape, first created in 1912. With wallpaper this glorious, you don’t need to hang art on top.


3. Textured Pillows

Textured and patterned pillows add visual interest to large couches and otherwise plain chairs. Fortuny fabrics are of a luxurious quality, and a wonderful way to add pattern in a room. Crafted in Italy for over a century they have an extensive collection of designs including the “Melilla” a graphic print showcased on a woven lounge chair. This tribal inspired, black and white print nicely contrasts the natural woven chair, but adds to the look instead of clashing.



4. Scenic Art

A house is not a home without art on the walls. Choosing a beautiful statement piece that works with your room but in a subdued, tasteful manner is an art in and of itself. Photographer Petros Koublis, known for his dynamic landscape prints with subtle color palettes, has mastered capturing beauty and simplicity in his work. His photographs of the sea and the Greek countryside are a breathtaking addition to any home including this bright and airy dining space.


5. Couture Details

Mixing the old with the new is a great way to keep your home feeling timeless, not trendy. Designer John Saladino crafts furniture with a nod to historical furnishings while keeping the pieces modern and practical. The Spiral Chaise has that perfect mix, and looks elegant placed at the end of a bed, or as a couch alternative in a sitting room. We love this piece in a neutral shade to let the unique design of the chaise standout.


6. Sleek Modern Touches

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home and must combine exquisite features in a practical space. This modern kitchen features designs from Janus et Cie, a brand known for their innovative design using environmentally friendly materials. Their Window Barstool has a sleek, minimalist design and is displayed prominently at the kitchen island. The bright chrome finish offsets the matte grey used for the rest of the room.


7. Unique Furnishings

It’s the little things that make a room feel like you. Unique furnishings, from chandeliers, to side tables, to candlesticks add that extra flair to a room. Nobody does decor quite like Formations, who reproduces historical furnishings in unique materials like cast iron and stone. We love their work from large pieces of furniture to minute details like the perfect vase for your favorite flowers.


8. Nod to Nautical

French designer Christian Astuguevieille is known for his rope wrapped designs. He fashions each piece with a whimsical feel and functional appeal. The Mivale Side Table with it’s unexpected shape is a fun piece to add texture to any living room. His natural, tawny colored, pieces are a favorite, but he also has the option of brightening things up with candy colored paint.


9. Understated Gems

Practical pieces you use every day like a console table in the entryway of your home shouldn’t be overlooked. Understated design can still be appealing and nobody does it better than Christian Liaigre. Their contemporary designs embody their motto of “style without being stylish” to give a modern feel to traditional french furniture. Their Galion console table in white has a minimalist design with a classic twist and is the perfect piece for this high contrast entryway. The lighter shade blends into the wall allowing your eye to travel upwards to the dramatic original ceiling.

Statement pieces give a room that unique touch to anchor the whole look. They help to give the room a focal point, add a piece that makes the space feel like home, and allow you to play with different styles and textures. Want more statement piece inspiration? Browse through the Ann Holden Design portfolio.