Architect Ken Tate is a famous interior designer who has designed spaces for his clients all over the world. Needing assistance with Phase 2 of a household design, Tate brought on Ann Holden, who works out of New Orleans.  The new plans called for moving all the guest rooms into the house next door (stripped down to bare studs and reconstructed), connecting the two structures with a gallery, turning the entire second floor of the main house to a master suite, creating a media room downstairs and building a pool pavilion in front of the guesthouse. In all, they would be adding 5,000 square feet to the house. Holden worked closely with the wife on interior spaces. “ She wanted a contemporary, sleek look throughout,” recalls the designer, “with lots of texture and softness. She knows what she likes and we made her decisions very, very quick. We did the whole house in two months!” The wife, for her part, says, “Ann has style in her DNA.” 

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