A design question people will always have is “how do I choose color (or paint, or fabric) for my home”? The colors we use in our homes can be deeply personal, but they also are a huge part of the design process. Different colors can change the mood of the space! Blues can make us feel more relaxed and oranges can make us feel excited. Using color in your home is fun but you must choose wisely.

What Colors Do You Love?

First things first? Finding out what type colors you love. We believe that your home should be your oasis. Whatever colors sing to your soul should be used in your home, regardless of what is trendy.

Go for a timeless effect by choosing a color theme based on your temperament and personal style. Mustard yellow is having a moment, but if you only prefer cool tones it won’t feel good to have pops of mustard in your home.

We like to encourage our clients to take Lori Weitzner’s Ode to Color Quiz. This helps you to articulate the types or themes of colors that speak to you, and lets us know more about your style. We know that it can go a bit over people’s heads when we group colors into themes like alchemy (metallics, warm tones, sunlight) or earth tones (rust, burnt umber, shades of purple). So this quiz is particularly useful in bridging the gap between what you feel and our design expertise.

color swatches (2).JPG

Go Room By Room

Instead of deciding on one color scheme for the whole home, we prefer to take it room by room. Seeing each room as a puzzle piece to the home is so inspiring for us and lets us get even more creative.

This also allows us to work with the unique architecture of the homes. We work with a lot of historic homes that come with their own quirks. We’ve seen just about every odd shape a room can be! Depending on what the room is already bringing to the style we can adjust what colors (and how strong they are) for each room.

Some rooms, like the one shown below from the Montecito home, can carry dark walls without feeling dark. It’s unique shape and large windows help to keep the room from feeling too closed in. Other rooms need a neutral background with pops of color.

Family Room 1 (1).jpg

Don’t Match, Mesh

Going room by room allows for a unique approach to each space, but what about an open floor plan? In spaces without distinct divided rooms, we are careful to make sure that all of it works together.

But, when you do have the option for distinct rooms the goal isn’t to match exactly but to mesh together. Each room needs to feel like it’s part of the same home and plan, but not be the exact same. This allows us to do bright and airy bathrooms, cozy and romantic bedrooms, and regal dining rooms in the same house!


Restraint Is Key

Something said in our office every day is “restraint”. The key to choosing a color palette for your room isn’t to go wild and throw in every single color you love. Instead, pair it back! The more restraint you have, the more each feature of the room becomes a distinct choice. This helps to ensure a luxurious, elegant finish to any room.

We always strive to design timeless homes. Remember, colors can be fads too! Choose colors that fit the room you’re decorating and your personality. This is the key to choosing the right color scheme for your home.